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"Chief Geologist at Gold Fields appoints Doclog to digitize of confidential documentation to be able to search, and protect the organization in the event of a disaster such as fire. Books, plans, surveys, drawings and other papers required fast preparation and digitizing. A backup of valuable reference material was compiled. Doclog's professional service ensured swift and accurate conversion of documents collected." - Aug-2005 
Government Gazette South Africa
Products That Make Scanning & Retrieving
Your Paper Documents Simpler & Easier

Every e-filing cabinet has at least one of each of the following, i.e the scanner, computer and software.

Scanners that Capture

The scanner is the device that reads a printed page and converts it into a graphic image or picture for the computer. Properties of the scanner include its scanning speed (pages per minute), capacity (pages per day), resolution (dots per inch), supported page sizes (A4, A3... A0), and duplex capability (to scan both sides of a page at once). Reliability and maintenance services are also important factors to consider.

Doclog offers a range of scanners to service your set of requirements from 1,000 to 120,000+ pages per day per scanner device! And from just R5, 700.

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Computers that Store

The PC and or Servers work as a team with the software to make filing easier and more managable. A digital archive may be hosted by a single workstation PC, or span across a number of Servers and networks - the preferred solution will depend on your business needs, and amount of paper to be stored. It's likely you can use your existing PC hardware for small to moderate sized applications, depending of course on the availability and specification of your PCs.

Software that Retrieves

Once an image of the paper document has been catured by the scanner, the software must processes, index and file the images for later retrieval and use. The quality of the image may be sharpened, and information such as document numbers, reference numbers, and barcodes can be automatically read from the images. This information is used later to assist in finding the document. The image is also compressed to take less space, plus make it faster to send and share with your colleagues. It can be easy to search for and retrieve documents later on since the software can precompile a complete index of documents, words and information.

Doclog offers a range of software solutions that makes the process of storing and retrieving digital images of your documents a pleasure. Unique documents can now be pinpointed in your e-filing system in excess of 1,000,000 documents within seconds. Complete software packages are available from just 15c per document stored.

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Solutions that Deliver

Doclog offers expert advice to help you put all the pieces together and to get the most from your scanning initiative. Doclog can present options avaliable to you to solve your problems, and meet your digital storage objectives on time, and on budget - Doclog is the name to store.

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