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Are You Overloaded With Paper Documents? In
Filing Cabinets, Offices, Storage Facilities...

...and in every other available square meter of floor space?

"Of managers surveyed, 49% feel they are often unable to handle the volume of information received." - ATG & Rheinner Reuters 
The need to access documents at a moments notice is the main reason for keeping them on-site. However, at a certain point, the build up of paper creates inefficiencies and eats away at productivity. Once critical information is trapped inside folders, paper or faxes, business performance is affected.

By scanning documents, organizations unlock the value of information in files. Regain control over paper, and boost productivity with near-instant search and retrieval of digitized documents.

By scanning documents, you can...

Save valuable time
Pinpoint documents in seconds. Gain swift access to contracts, supplier invoices, memos, faxes and the like. A PC based search can be measurably quicker than having to sift through files and boxes of paper. Find documents over a corporate LAN without having to head for the storeroom.

Respond faster, smarter
Save time. You can answer queries faster and with less effort if documents are available at the click of a mouse. Assist clients and colleagues while they are on the phone. Boost customer satisfaction levels by reducing response times. Get more done in less time.

Reduce operating costs
Free up time allocated to organizing and sourcing paper documents. Reduce costs associated with paper, including photocopying and filing. Save time and money – email or fax documents directly. Free up storage space and reduce your storage costs.

Achieve peace of mind
Most companies have regular tape backups of electronic data but what about backups of paperwork? A recent report indicated that companies which suffered a total loss due to fire, etc of their documentation went out of business within 12 months. By scanning documents, you can have multiple copies of documents on and off-site which can be re-instated within hours of any disaster. Promote continuity with a sound recovery plan in place. Rest assured in knowing your documents are safe and protected.

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